Admission Process and Wait List

There is no charge for placing your child on our wait list. Happy Angels  Daycare has never charged for children to be placed on their wait list. A tour of our programs should be scheduled with the Supervisor. In addition, a “Play Visit”, should be arranged for you and your child. “Play visits” help us get introduced to your child and is highly recommended. Children are enrolled into the Happy Angels Daycare , as per que, in accordance, to the date of submission, on the wait list application, and receipt confirmed. Please see below for a full list of priorities. Please note wait list priority is based on the following: 1. Siblings currently enrolled in the centre 2. Child/Family member of Staff 3. Date of Submission and confirmation of receipt of the ”Wait List Form” . The “Play Visit” plays an important role in assessing each child so that we can place our young learners at a time that is beneficial, positive and best suited to the individual child. All Wait List Forms (Initial Childcare Placement Request) are kept in the Wait List Binder in the office so progression on wait list can easily be reported but names of the children and family privacy protected.